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"Coach is so great with the boys! He not only teaches new techniques, but also really takes the time to help them understand game play and decision making while under pressure. My son looks forward to every training he has with Coach Clouse and is always excited to share what he has learned, which has been so much! Great coach and program. I cannot say enough good things about it!"

Erica L. (parent of trainee)

"Bryan Clouse coached all four of our sons in soccer at Harrison High School.  He developed their talent, taught them the game and they improved each season; combining for titles in 7 Sectionals, 4 Regionals, 2 Semi-States and one State Championship.  Their victories were substantial but, the friendship and journey are what they remember and talk about most.


Anyone can win with gifted and talented players but, Coach Clouse wins by developing talent.  He analyzes players, learns their strengths and weaknesses and creates a plan for improvement.  The players advance, both technically and tactically, resulting in teams stronger than the sum of their individual talents.  He accomplishes this process through dedicated work, detailed planning, repeated execution and an extremely positive and encouraging attitude. 


Coach Clouse expects a great deal from his players but, gives even more.  He pours his heart and soul into each; guiding them, mentoring them and coaching them to find their best in what they do, both on and off the field.  Coach Clouse cares; about the game, about the teaching and mostly, about the players.   It is a genuine care, a positive attitude and a life-long friendship that each of our sons cherish from their soccer journey with Coach Clouse."

Sam N.

"Aaron and Seth have participated in Coach Clouse’s summer camps for several years, and they have been involved with individual BC Jr Elite training sessions since July ’18.  The boys enjoy Coach Clouse’s coaching tactics (understanding the drills, explanation and purpose behind the drills, & attention to point out appropriate options in game situations), and they are challenged by competing with players who are older/bigger/stronger than they are (including Coach Clouse himself). We feel that the sessions are worthwhile, and we know that they work hard during each time because they are typically still breathing hard and very sweaty when we pick them up.  Our oldest son played Harrison High School soccer with Coach Clouse from Fall 2012 – 2015, and Aaron and Seth spent many nights watching him play.  They are looking forward to continued training/coaching with Coach Clouse, and the opportunity to follow in their older brother’s path as Future Raiders"

Reece & Melody D.(parents of 2 trainees)

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